Saturday, May 19, 2012

Covelli III

Hello! Went back with my friend to Covelli for her to try their squid ink pasta 'cos they didnt have it during Restaurant Week when we went!

I read one review on HGW saying that the squid ink pasta isn't nice but decided to just go ahead and try it, maybe it wont be that bad! But sadly, the standard has dropped quite a lot. I no longer like it anymore!!! Hope Michelangelo's still has theirs down to a pat.

Squid ink seafood linguine

This was how it looked THIS time, and the bottom pic shows how it looks like LAST time. Now what's the big difference that makes me so disappointed?

The sauce.

1) Its too diluted now, ok granted its salty, but its just watery-ish and like oily?
2) No seafood infused taste, no mmmm once you slurp the sauce?

And next some of the seafood was disappointing. The mussels were too hard, overly cooked or not fresh idk, then scallops were like just a round white thing, no bite to it no nth. The half crayfish/lobster (they say its lobster but I think more like crayfish) was ok prawns were good too. Scattered pieces of squid around. 

Next, the pasta. This time the pasta wasn't fragrant at all! It was like idk, they put the sauce on top right before serving to us or sth cos really, the pasta was SO bland, I had to eat it w a whole spoonful of sauce (which wasnt tasty in itself) to be able to eat the pasta. 

What a huge difference from the one I first ate and fell in love with when they first opened :( Guess I'd have to go back to Michelangelo to see if their standard dropped too.

Anyhow, Covelli, you won't be seeing me for some time.

FYI, I did tell my comments to a waitress (who is v friendly and nice) and did write in the feedback form.

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