Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Centre PS

After Tiong Bahru Bakery, we were otw home when I remembered that Centre PS was just nearby and that I wanted to try out their cakes + macarons! So the boy stopped outside their shop and I went in to get some stuff :)

They had like about 4 choices of sliced cakes that all sounded really nice and q a wide variety of macaron flavours to choose from!

Hot pink packaging!

Bought 2 cakes in the end!

Matcha green tea and 70% dark chocolate sachertorte with Japanese black bean
$7 nett

Frankly, the chocolate was barely there! Green tea taste was much stronger though not very fragrant. You can certainly feel the husks of the beans in your mouth but there isnt a strong black bean taste so no worries about that. All soft mousse layers in this cake, not a top fav of mine though. 3.2/5

Douce Fraise
Ivory chocolate with Earl Grey, Strawberry Compote and Hazelnut Genoise
$7 nett

This was a much nicer cake! Light light layers of earl grey and sourish hints of strawberry, hazelnut wasnt really there but well, this was more of a joy to eat vs the top one! The lady behind the counter also said that this was her fav cake. 3.7/5 

Assorted Macarons
Box of 5 - $11
(box of 2 - $5, box of 10 - $20)

This was a mix of, from Left to Right: Lychee, Passionfruit Peach, Champagne, Coffee and Black Sesame

To sum up their macarons - chewy shell, terribly sweet :/

Champagne - the white one. This tasted a little like champagne, pity it was wayyyy too sweet! 2/5

Black Sesame

Tastes only faintly like black sesame 2/5

Passionfruit Peach

No peach taste but yes definitely passionfruit! More of it in the shells though. The ganache was uh too sweet that I cant tell what its supposed to be. 2.6/5


This had liquor in it so it was better and lychee taste was much stronger! But still sweet. 3/5

On the whole, I'd probably won't be back to Centre PS, macarons are too sweet for me! The best ones for me are still from ET Artisan Sweets :) 

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  1. They don't look as chewy as you mention it to be - typically chewy shells occur as they're overbaked. Either that or you've mistaken the word "chewy". Visually they look appealing, no hollow shells, doesn't look overbaked..& btw macarons do largely contain sugar so I would say apart from the commenting of faint flavors your post doesn't seem to feel very thorough/reliable. Thanks for providing photos though!


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