Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Restaurant: Sear

Sear is a part of a new dining concept - 50 raffles place which includes Sear (Steakhouse), Angie's Oyster Bar (as the name suggests), Empire (bar/club kinda concept) and a Japanese tapas restaurant.

With beautiful views and Kobe beef to boot, I decided to visit this restaurant for Friday dinner with the boy! It was a little confusing initially as the address does not state that it is at Singapore Land Tower! But it is atop Singapore Land Tower on the 45th floor. The lifts were a little confusing as well as only half of the lifts reach 45th floor! So do take note.

So after all these confusion, we were shown to our seats which had terrible lighting but was next to the glass windows! But the view was shitty due to haze I guess 'cos everything was blurry and so we didn't really have a nice cityscape to look at. We decided to switch tables to one with better lighting! There are also outside tables and I would really recommend those when the weather is good! The lighting is quite low there though but the ambience (especially if not many are seated outside) is quite good!

On to the menu:

You would also be told about the specials of the day. If I'm not wrong, we were only told of 2 specials and both were under the "mains" section. One was braised wagyu ribs and the other was grilled trout which I chose as my main and will be touched upon later!

 Served warm crusty bread with salted butter x caraway seeds and I forgot what else haha.


We ordered the Angie's Ocean Platter ($86 for 2 pax) which consists of:

Maine Boston Lobster 
Jumbo shrimp cocktail
Diver scallop ceviche
Oysters on the half shell

King Crab Leg

In general I thought the seafood platter was okay, the seafood didn't taste particularly fresh, neither were they sweet. It was just passable to me. The oysters were a little smelly. But I like the fact that they dug out the king crab leg meat so its much easier to eat! 2.8/5 

Pira Grilled Foie Gras


I think $32 is a littleeeeee bit overpriced but I really really love the texture of the foie gras here because the outer layer was amazingly amazingly crispy with some crunch but the inside was all buttery soft and melt in your mouth kinda texture! Wonderfully done this one!! Though perhaps presentation could be improved on a little as it looked rather side on that comparatively much larger plate! 4.4/5 

Sear Tasting of Rib Eye
Certified Kobe Beef
Wakanui 21 Day Dry-Aged NZ Hereford
Australian Jacks Creek 450 Days Grain Fed

N had this and he was in heaven. What repeatedly came out of his mouth was "mmmm I'm in beef heaven" and this look of utter bliss haha. I was really glad that he was enjoying his food so much!! The beef have differing amounts of fat but even the cut with the least fat was so tasty that N loved all of it!! But of course, especially the Kobe! And Sear is one of the few places in Singapore that serves Kobe beef! He kept telling me how much he loved his main course and well I guess this means ORDER IT IF YOU LOVE BEEF! :) MUST-TRY! 5/5 

Special of the day: Pira grilled trout 

I had this and I thought it was okay? The grilling was not bad because the fish was not completely dry and meat was not tough! However it didn't really have much taste?? So to finish the entire fish was a bit :/ for me. 3/5 

This creamed spinach w cheese was served w my trout and it tasted as good as it sounds!! Okay I like spinach hahaha so this was rly yummy for me :) I think even if you didn't like your veggies, you would eat this too! The taste of the spinach is covered by the cream and cheese so you need not worry!

Chocolate Mud Cake
Chestnut ice cream, raspberries and praline

This is a dense and rich dessert so please take this into account before ordering your dessert otherwise you will most likely regret your choice/hate it. That block of chocolate is pure thick decadent and sinful chocolate ganache and the praline is almond I think and it brings the crunchy texture that we all love hehe I had a great time scooping up the crunchy bits to go w the yummy chocolate :) the chestnut ice cream rly did taste like chestnut and this was a pleasant surprise! Because most of the time the ice cream doesn't taste like its flavour. 3.4/5

Overall I would think the food is okay with some hits and slight misses, the price a little bit on the high side mainly cos of the location I guess. Service wise it was as expected although some were really polite and friendly! Do note that even though it is on the 45th floor and you get window seats, do not expect views like Equinox because after the indoor seats there are outdoor seats so your view is a little bit obstructed and in the CBD there are so many tall buildings that your view may be obstructed depending on where you sit! 

50 Raffles Place Level 45 (actually just look for Singapore Land Tower, its in that building)


  1. Had a great experience this place. There was a good amount of people and the atmosphere was lively. Throughout the night, the bartenders were very friendly and attentive. Couldn't be happier with the service at Chicago restaurants. Recommend this place without hesitation.

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