Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4 days old: Les Patisseries


The boy and I went to this cafe over the weekend because well its new and in the heartlands! After lunch and some pies at Windowsill, we went down and this small cafe was quite crowded! This cafe is a joint venture by 3 Singaporeans who graduated from local culinary schools At-Sunrice and Shatec. The pastries are all baked in store!

This is space you see here is about 1/3 of the shop space (kitchen not included) so it is quite small in there and not manyyyy seats. They serve a wide range of things!

They have cakes - Rocky (reviewed below), strawberry shortcake, mango cake, forrest berry, tiramisu
Tarts: lemone tart (can't rmb whats the other one)
Macarons (can't rmb the flavours sorry!)

Waffles - with maple syrup, with berries, horffles (horlicks sauce basically), choc sauce, vanilla sauce, salted caramel  the last 4 kinds you're served ice cream along with it. I think for the choc sauce you get macarons too? Not sure

Savouries - they serve brunch 8am-3pm there are some all day brekkie options like eggs benny,, big breakfast set etc.
Then they serve their signature pork burger and truffle baked mushroom pasta all day, and dinner commences 6pm-10pm with club sandwich, carbonara and aglio olio. There's also quiche and sides like truffle fries. 

Price are fair with the savouries being $15 and below, waffles $8.90 mostly, cakes were bat $7

L' Rocky

I don't know exactly what its Rocky cos there wasn't any details but here's what we think about it.  Honestly based on the looks (esp the nutty covering) I was hoping for a choc cake w a crispy feuilletine/praline base. Granted there was such a crispy part to the cake, but it was only one small part of the cake (1/4) of it only. 

I don't know if its meant to be this way or there was some mistake in the execution but the other parts didn't have the crispy layer that 1/4 part had. That crispy layer is not like those crispy layers we're used to. This one's really thin and kinda feels like a crisp in itself rather than as part of the cake. The nuts in the ganache coating were not crunchy anymore (i.e. lao hong in our local terms) so it was kind of a letdown. 

As the interior was mainly choc mousse, it got quite monotonous after awhile. Although in the cross section it seems as if there are different layers to this, honestly my humble and lousy taste buds could only differentiate between the smooth mousse texture, the slightly thicker choc ganache coating and the nuts (ignoring the 1/4 crispy part). 

Luckily this dessert wasn't on the overbearingly sweet side, I think they balanced the sweetness nicely in this cake so thumbs up! For $7 and this quality and size (its about same size as the mouth of your average mugs at home), I think the price is a little little bit steep but I do understand q a lot of work goes into creating this small pastry. 2.9/5


We were intrigued by the horlicks sauce cos its our childhood snack hence we ordered this to try eagerly awaiting the yummy horlicks sauce. However the sauce only tasted faintly of horlicks :/ when you eat the waffles + sauce + ice cream, the ice cream just overpowers the sauce totally. It'll seem more like eating a vanilla sauce + ice cream waffle than horlicks. I like the addition of roasted almond silver and they are quite generous with the berries. 

When the waffles arrived, I told N, the waffles look soggyyyy like it won't be crispy :/ but then N was like, "No I think it looks quite crispy leh!" so he cut in and true enough there was the audible crisp :) so crispy it was! This waffle is more doughy, but its not more dense, quite light actually. Texture of this waffle is quite unique in that sense. The boy asked me if the waffles were fully cooked cos of the doughy texture but I told him yes it was fully cooked. So this had a crispy exterior but the inside was doughy. Yeast maybe? Not sure. So I'd say, it'll depend on what kind of waffles you like to determine whether you like this or not 3.2/5

Free plain water is provided, the place is basically black themed, staff friendly, chefs seemed nice too, place opens from 8am-10pm!!! O: Mon-Sundays I think. The opening hours are crazyyyyy I think! Hopefully they won't burn out or anything!

Les Patisseries
Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central #01-428
Spore 310186
8am-10pm daily 


  1. We were overjoyed by Les Patisseries at first but that soon turned to horror... You see, their food is ok... but we live just two floors above them... and on many Friday and Saturday nights, they showed us NO MERCY. Our building has a coffee shop and in 10 years of living here, even thought it serves alcohol, it causes us no social problems. In less than two months,with no alcohol served, Les Patisseries breaks local by-laws by putting in double or more the number of outdoor seats... and the resulting rowdy night crowd screams and hollers well past 10:00pm... making it impossible to sleep or watch TV even with all windows closed... We told them about the problem in October, but by early December, we and several other neighbours were forced to call the police on them. Even after we reported it to HDB's commercial unit, they were caught using an NTUC supermarket shopping cart to store restaurant garbage... this afternoon, we took a pic of the front of their restaurant... it clearly had more than the 3 outdoor tables allowed by law... the pic has been passed on to HDB... getting ready for another Friday night of rowdy outdoor customers? Don't care if you disturb the whole neighbourhood again ???

  2. Great staff! Very friendly, made me feel welcome. Noise level is acceptable, suits a cafe. Gives a romantic feel. Great effort! Very heartwarming to see this in the heartlands


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