Monday, July 28, 2014

2 weeks old: Sela Restaurant!

We came across this restaurant while going for dinner at Tess Bar & Kitchen (review coming up!)

So after dinner at Tess Bar + Kitchen, we decided to hop over to try some of their dishes! Yes, I know you must be thinking "omg how much can these people eat" but well, date nights are meant for eating right? :)

The restaurant's setting is simple but beautiful imo, love that setup in the middle (although it is q common nowadays). Anyhow, there was only 1 other table while we were there. We asked the waitress how new they are, and she said 2 weeks old! 

Sorry the menu is a little blurry! 

They also have a drinks menu that I didn't take a photo of

Baked Miso Chilean Seabass, Edamame, Sweet Peas

This was the item on the menu shouting out to me and I ordered it though I was already full! Boy was I glad I did :) The fish was WONDERFULLY done. Cooked just right, it was fatty, tender, juicy, fragrant and oh so satisfying. The fish was marinated really well, and you can tell that its miso you're eating with the fish! Not many restaurants can achieve this. The miso was not overpowering the sweetness from the fish, don't get me wrong. It was a nice balance of flavours between the two! The skin of the sea bass was crispy and extremely fragrant with the miso! The ikura + sweet peas + edamame were mere additions to the wonderful fish. I did like the texture of bursting ikuras with the fish though! Oh yes there were also potatoes for your much needed carbs :) extremely good fish dish!!! Only wished it were bigger and I had an empty stomach haha 5/5

Pinenut crust lemon tart, fresh cream

So this caught my eye in terms of desserts. However it was a letdown :/ the crust was a little soggy for my liking, not crispy crunchy like the ones that I like. When eaten on its own, you can taste the pine nuts in the crust! But I must applaud them for their creativity though, using pine nuts :) The lemon curd had a little too strong an eggy taste for me so I didn't really like it but the bf thought it was okay! 3/5

Service was v friendly and good plus good ambience and relatively good food, I'll most likely be back!

Sela Restaurant
32 Seah Street
Mon-Sat 630-11pm


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