Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rather New Restaurant: Shelter in the Woods


Happy holidays to those on holidays and to those working, hope you have a great day! :) Short weekend ahead to look forward to!

The Greenwood Avenue area has been busy I'd say, 3 new restaurants sprung up recently and here's one that piqued my interest.

The entrance and the decor feels like you're going into someone's den or something outta Goldilocks & the 3 Bears haha. Its cosy, with dim lighting (pics here are edited) but not so dim till you cant read. I already had a good impression of them because the person I spoke to over the phone for reservations was so friendly and polite! 

We were seated at the bar and was hosted by this really really friendly guy and funny too but I'm sorry I cant remember your name! Is it Freddie? 

Pan Seared Foie Gras, Confit Grapes & Fresh Apple

Now I was craving for foie gras that day and I even asked over the phone if they had it and thankfully I could satisfy my cravings! I would have liked a stronger taste of the balsamic & a bit more seasoning on the foie else it was done rather beautifully in terms of searing. Like that it was paired w fruits. 3.8/5

The interior

Special: Smoked Eel with Crushed Potatoes & Sour Cream Sauce
Sorry I dont rmb the price and my receipt's gone! But shld be about $20? Just a guess

They have specials which they'll tell you about when presenting you the menu. This was special indeed. Loved the smoked eel, I have loved smoked eel since I first ate it few months ago! Have been on the lookout for them ever since and when I heard it was served here, I knew I'd order it! Its not like your typical Jap eel, its a little salty but not overly so unlike smoked salmon/fish. I love the taste and the texture too. You gotta eat it to try it.

Sour cream was a BEAUTY to eat with in this dish, I mopped it up and left the boy with bits haha and he wasnt really happy about it but ohwell just goes to show how yummy it was! Potatoes were done really nicely too, first time in a long while I'd really eat my potatoes. 4.5/5

Cassoulet of Duck Confit, Lamb Leg, Pork Belly and Garlic Sausage

They gave me this instead of my order of the fish and I pointed this out and they were super apologetic and professional about it, gave me a great impression. They gave us this with compliments and assured us that the fish would be coming right up. This was so so homey and warm. Something you'd love on a rainy cold day! Well since the restaurant's air-conditioned, you are in a cold place anyway. So yup this was full of meaty goodness, soft but not too soft and juicy. I liked how all the flavours just mash up into one and its so complex that I dont know how to describe it. I couldnt really differentiate btwn duck and lamb though haha and I dont think I ate any garlic sausage! 4/5

Crispy Skin Suckling Pig Marinated with Aromates

We saw them roasting this pig right after we ordered! The whole pig was on the spit roasting away. The skin was super crispy and the flesh tender + aromatic. Mash was good too. The boy said it was fantastic! 4.6/5

Whiff Fish Braised in White Wine and Tomato Sauce Duglere-Style

This was what I originally ordered but I dont think its that nice. Cos the fish was kinda a little overcooked for me cos it was slightly chewy/tough. The sauce also had a strong butter taste that I dont like (personal preference! So if you do like this kinda buttery sauce then this is for you!) 3.5/5

Lemon Tart

I generally dont like meringue cos I like my desserts tart so I swept the meringue off! So I'm sorry but no comments abt the meringue. The lemon curd was tart but not very so its suitable for people who dont really have a sour tooth. Crust was not bad as well. 3.7/5

(Guessing should be $7 too cos all their desserts are $7)

I didnt like the looks of this when it was served cos it looks so uneven (its slopes down to the back and completely slumps down on the plate). It was well boozed, not overly soaked. Well I wouldnt pay $7 for this though. 3.4/5

We were also given a complimentary shot of Indonesian Mango Rum, which is quite choking on the first sip but after that it gets better. Cant really taste mango though! They have SO many different types of rum all around the bar and with many interesting flavours too! Like passionfruit x chilli, nutella x banana, green tea x sweet bean and many more!

Service: really really friendly, funny and polite. Prompt too. So it was an enjoyable night!
Ambience: mentioned before
Value: Ok portions are a tad small for the price, but I emphasize, a tad only but you'll get full still, the boy did!

This place is super busy and they constantly have walk-ins, people calling for reservations so I do suggest you reserve early! Parking can be a bitch cos lots are so limited but you have 2 options. 1) Valet parking 2) Park opposite near the private houses!

Shelter in the Woods
22 Greenwood Ave
6466 6225
Dinner (Tues-Sun) 6-10.30pm (till 11pm on Fri & Sat)
Lunch (Sat & Sun only) 11am-2pm
Closed on Monday

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