Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New: Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is under an international food & food services company based in Korea called SPC Group and is highly popular in Korea! They've stores all over Korea, China and the US. This is their first shop in Singapore and they plan to open many more according to SundayLife (2/9/12)! I think another 40 stores or something if I'm not wrong?

I love their bakery offerings, SO DIFFERENT and unique vs what we've seen on our shores from the French, to Jap to neighbourhood bakeries etc, they offer a whole array of new varieties!! 

The cafe is sectioned into 3 parts. One, the bakery, which is the section to your right here. Two, the cake counter which you see once you enter. And lastly, the ready made salads + sandwiches counter to the left.

Bread offerings shown below:

Interesting bread: the rolling breads + monkey bread

Interesting bread: softness white bread!!! (that roll thing at the bottom left omg see how pillowy it looks!!!) and apparently, the Korean Power Garlic Baguette to the right is awesome. There's a Korean Bulgogi sandwich top right too!

Interesting breaD: the an bread isnt like your normal circle shaped bun in Jap bakeries! And the dark brown brioche embracing caramel sounds funny but decadent. 

Interesting bread: DDUK (something abt korean rice mochi w seeds on top?), the one to the right is like bo lo bao, the milky almond cubic at the top right sounds super interesting and s does oh~ oh~ donut which is a sweet glutinous bread w red bean paste and chewy mochi. 


Their cafe menu's shown below. Sorry for the yellowness!! They serve all day brunch although prices may be on the high side imo.

Dutch pancake looks awesome btw! Not your usual pancakes definitely

Ready-made sandwiches and salads

From what I've read, they're famous for their royal puddings!

Below are pics of their cake offerings w cute names!!!

Perfect NY Cheesecake to the right in case you didnt catch it

Haha Family (s) is the name of the choc cake! The one on the most right is the lemon tart alr pictured above. To the left is the Marron Mont Blanc

What I had that day

Sunny Breezy Lemon Tart

I'd say this is more of a cake on a tart shell! Dont think of it as being filled w your usual lemon curd 'cos its layers of soft spongy cake w a lemon buttercream like filling in between! I love the extremely soft and fluffy layers of the cake. Tart shell provides a nice contrast in texture to the cake! The whipped cream on top is different frm our usual, not too sweet, v soft and goes well w the cake! 4.3/5

Oh~ My Baby Crepe~

Didnt like this!!! Layers were too thick for me, not fluffy and light but rather dense. Only redeeming factor was the berries studded btwn the layers. The layers were like all clumped so, it wasn't something I fancied. 2/5

Marron Mont Blanc

This has more layers compared to the mont blancs I've tried. There's this chocolate layer in the middle, bitter chocolate which kinda surprises you when you taste it. V generous w marron aka chestnut pieces! W half chestnuts studded at the bottom layer. The cake in between + the cream were v light and fluffy. The tart shell could be a little thicker imo but was good. Pastry-like crust. 4/5

Do note that they DO NOT serve iced water 'cos they expect you to buy it frm them/order their drinks! So bring your own if you dont wanna order! Oh and I didnt take a picture of their "dessert" menu but apparently their shaved ice w red bean and mochi is very popular and recommended!! :)

Quite a lot of seats there with soft cushion seats at one side and the rest have plastic chairs! Definitely going back to try out more cakes + the shaved ice!!! Recommend that cakes are shared 'cos portions are q big!

Paris Baguette
Wisma Atria Level 2 (where Ding Tai Fung used to be! Think its Level 2 if I'm not wrong! V easily seen so no worries!)


  1. now I am surrounded by Paris Baguette outlets in Seoul. My first impression has been poor the bread was quite expensive and it has a strange texture. I prefer another (American) chain in Seoul : Tous Les Jours.

    Yet to try the cakes though.

  2. I stopped by the other day just to check out what's the fuss all about, it was a Tues 3pm, to my surprise, it was packed during off-peak like that...exorbitantly my opinion, only Mille Crepe (not easy to find in SG) and sizeable Mont Blanc are worth trying (at the first glance), of course I didn't buy any...can't believe how ridiculously priced yet not so refined pastries they were.

  3. The beverages are too pricey, $6 for cappucino, $11/pot for some gourmet green tea. The baugette is average note that theres no complimentary butter and jam. The crossiant and coffee bun compare to mainstream bakeries. Overall this cafe is overhyped and they shd improve the quality of bakeries, pricing and service to attract regulars. No 2nd visit for me for time being.

  4. I think they increase their price by $1 for the slice of cake :(


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