Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tomi Sushi, 7th Manna, Ice Cream Gallery

Having read about how authentic Tomi Sushi's food is, how value for money it is and the good presentation, my best friend and I decided to go and give it a try!

Please note that Tomi Sushi is at the Parco side of Millenia Walk, so take the escalator near tcc up, then turn left (ie walk into Parco) and then take the escalator up all the way till Level 3 where you'll see a green "itadakimasu"sign. Walk towards that direction, straight in and you'll feel like you're in Japan! Many Jap restaurants and Tomi Sushi's just right in front of you.

They'll great you with a hearty welcome! And present you promptly with hot green tea and the menu.

As read online, they have special shoyu for sushi and sashimi!

Chirashi Lunch Set $25
Comes with fruits, small salad, miso soup, chawanmushi, fresh sashimi and rice!

The best friend let me try her chawanmushi and it was reallyyyyy smooth. The smoothest I've ever eaten! Really really good (:

Tokujyo Chirashi $54
Botanebi (Prawn), 2 pieces of maguro chutoro, eel, tamago, salmon roe, tako (octopus)

I thought mine was so-so only and would rather recommend the chirashi lunch set, more sashimi, and you get more variety of food too! Mine was mainly expensive cos of the chutoro. I wanted the chef to do a mixed sashimi platter for me because I wanted to try the different types of sashimi (ie I choose which fish/seafood I want), but the waitress said they cant do it for me. I have to either choose the fixed mixed sashimi platter for 1 or I can order the different types of sashimi (ie the normal serving, 5 pieces per plate), then they put all the sashimi I ordered in one plate for me. Sigh, I think it could've been done just that she didnt ask the chef.

The service there is really friendly though! They constantly have a smile on their faces and will always refill your green tea haha. Worth it to go for their lunch sets! It gets pretty full during lunch from the working crowd so I'd suggest going early/reserving a table.


Carrot Cake

The best friend and I decided to give 7th Manna a shot, because the best friend says they always close really early and she doesnt get a chance to try their cakes! So we went in and ordered a carrot cake which costs $4.50 I think? The cake was rather bland I feel with occasional specks of walnuts though the frosting I thought, was not bad as it wasnt too sweet. However, I think I've been spoilt by The Muffinry's signature spiced carrot muffin and my bar for carrot cakes have been raised by a huge mile. So I'm sorry, but this cake just doesnt reach it! 3.4/5

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Beans

Tried the ice cream from Ice Cream Gallery further down from 7th Manna. Green tea flavour was rather strong and quite a lot of red beans I'd say. But I still prefer Cedele's somehow (: (Cedele has the exact same flavour, and the best friend tells me ICG has earl grey and fig just like what Cedele has too) 4/5

Tomi Sushi
3F-04 Parco Marina Bay

7th Manna
368 Tanjong Katong Road
Tue-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 10am-4pm

The Ice Cream Gallery
242C Tanjong Katong Road

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